Jonas Buhl



Creative digital consultant with a strong background in content creation, digital design, and project management; excels in agile ideation to execution.

A creative and results-oriented digital consultant with a background in content creation, digital design and project management.

I possess a unique blend of technical skills and a business understanding, which means that I thrive in working with cross-functional teams striving to innovate the solutions of the future.

During my career, I have held a number of different positions in both the agency world, the IT sector and as a freelancer, which has strengthened my ability to lead agile processes and lead ideas from start to finished product. Personally, I am naturally optimistic and problem-solving, I am creative in my thinking, and I have a passion for acquiring new knowledge and creating innovation.

Known for my positive mood and the ability to lift the spirit of the team, I thrive in environments that value the combination of collaboration and independent responsibility.

Personal information

Jonas Buhl Nilsson

Århus, Denmark

02. maj 1988

+45 4055 8817


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